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Interior & Art with a focus on reuse and the unique; Do-it-yourself (DIY) and hand-picked pieces

Decorating and painting is something that always have had a large place in my heart. On this site I will share my most effective tricks for breaking various interior trends - I would like to say that I have a relatively unique style in my projects. I will offer my own art, which I mostly make of old existing paintings. I love the idea of ​​recycling. I hope you will like my creative corner!

Patina Wood makes these gorgeous ornaments that becomes bendable when heated. I prefer to heat up the ornaments with a hair dryer and it's very easy and goes fast. Once the ornaments cool down they become hard again. Thanks to the bendable function you can easily bend them around a candle stick, a table leg or put them around a flower pot! (Of course you can use them on a flat surface as well).

The possibilities are endless and the product is so much fun to work with...

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I am all about unique and beautiful home decorations, do not focus very much on the hottest trends, as I think it's more fun to do things in my own way.

I share loads of tips and Step-by-steps here in my blog, but also on my YouTube. Feel free to share and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. All of my videos have English subtitles.

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