Below you can see my previous interior design projects and different events

I am passionate about decor and when you stand and stomp, I'm happy to help! Below you will find my previous projects and events, both in course activities, homestyling, exhibitions etcetera! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Homestyling: GOTHENBURG, Autumn 2017

Colorful and playful. A hefty makeover in a downstairs apartment. Most of the things, both furniture, lighting and decorations come from our own shop.

Workshop: 14 may 2017, Chalk paint

Today we had a visit from Malmö! It was a really lovely group that experimented and went far outside the box - a lot of fun! And I understood that the course was appreciated when the whole group wanted to sign up for our new Rost and Beton course! Lovely! Thank you so much for today everyone!

Workshop: 5 mars 2017, Milk paint

Woho what a nice course this was! I (Lina) had a blast and it was very fun that you wanted to try some different variants with each technique! The experiments resulted in a couple of different effects! - SUPERB! I really look forward to seeing pictures of your future creations with milk paint!

Workshop: 30 october 2016, Milk paint

Wow (!) How fun this was! Two mother and daughter couples were fun, as well as long-distance visits from Ängelholm! So much laughter and the hours just flew away. It was so great to see all the different thoughts with Vintage signs, creativity almost ran over, haha! I want to thank all the incredibly talented participants for this day, both for the inspiration you gave, the chopping on the floor, a lot of laughter and because you made the time fly!

Workshop: 25 october 2015, Milk paint

Thank you all for a really lovely workshop! It was so nice during the day. Very pastels were there and a lot of exprimenting!

Workshop: 4 juli 2015, Milk paint

It was invited to many impressive mines and a couple of joys from today's participant! Totally amazing! It was a small group, but oh such a lovely day. We had a lot of experimentation with the different effects, techniques and colors. An incredibly successful workshop with long-distance visits from both Lysekil and Northern Norway! The expectations for the day were met both from my side and from the participants! A superb day! Thanks for that!

Homestyling: LÖVSKOGSGATAN 4, GOTHENBURG, April 2017

Scaled and stylish. Styling for of a flat view. Here we used the furniture that was already in the apartment but added a finishing touch: borrowed items directly from our store.

Workshop: 23 april 2017, Chalk paint

Today, it was a joy of joy over the results of the painted furniture - what feeling to actually get it right all by yourself, right ?! Smiles and a lot of laughs, just as it should be! Thank you all for making my day perfect!

Workshop: 29 january 2017, Milk paint

What an awesome group of people! I would like to thank you so much for some really lovely hours and I hope you all had as fun as I had! The only thing I have to suggest after this day is that you ate too little cookies, now they are still down there in the workshop and just waiting to be eaten. I'll eat them myself ... haha. It seems that a little mix with Gothenburgers, Halmstad livings and a splash from Kungsör is what compliments a rainy and grumpy day! Thank you so much fo all laughter, wordsome and nice stories!

Workshop: 15 may 2016, Autentico paint

Thank you all for a fantastic day! This was really fun! It feels very nice to come home after being nervous about holding a whole new course, but this went beyond expectation. Thank you for that and thank you for having some insight into the order in which I happened to take the different techniques and so forth. You learn as long as you live and thanks to you, I can now take the techniques in the right order so that we do not have to sit and watch when color dries, haha! I really hope you all had such a nice time as I had!

Workshop: 20 september 2015, Milk paint

Today was a fun day! There were many who dared to try out a lot of their own little effects and it became loads of fun color choices. I would like to thank all the participants for a really nice Sunday!

Workshop: 30 may 2014, Milk paint

First of all, I would like to thank the participants for a wonderful day! I had a really good, it was a super group. We were a small group this day (4 participants) - a small and cozy course! This was the first time ever I had a Workshop. So, afterwards, I really do not understand why I was so nervous - this was so much fun! It was really fun to see how different all people are in color choices, ideas and how the results turned out.